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David Minnihan


Hmmm...David is a Central Iowa native-> then to Texas, ->then BACK to Iowa and ->transplanted in 2004 to Dubuque (well, Peosta really) who grew up loving music and the guitar.  His generation is the age of music (60's to the 90's)...and while he likes most kinds of music, his favorites are songs that tell stories and artists that tell them well. A few of these include the like of James Taylor, America, Don McLean, Harry Chapin...well, you get it. 

David is actually playing music today because of his friend, Tim Hall, who made him get his rusty ol' guitar out (hadn't played it in 15 years) and jam with him in his basement. Those activities led to playing at church and for fun,  evenutally to a five piece band in Dubuque called the Beat'n' Path (Hi Eric, Rob, Cathy and Steve!) and then the Boomerangs and then to solo work, then adding Rod Wiese...and NOW with Jeremy Jones (bass) and Troy Troftgruben (cajon, guitar, vocals) in the "present day". 

Now every once in a while the great entertainer Ralph Kluseman will enlist David's help...or Roy Schroedl, an extraordinary entertainer in the Tri-State area. 

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